Poul Henningsen: Leuchte "Artichoke", Foto: Esther Hoyer


Online collection

The museum wants to make its collection accessible to a broad public and strengthen participation in the common cultural heritage. Therefore, the cultural institution has marked 1,000 highlight objects from the permanent exhibition in its digital collection with the Creative Commons licence CC BY-SA 4.0.

With this marking, those interested in art - for example scientists, artists, teachers, students and pupils - can reproduce and share the public domain images of the works and use and edit them for any purpose if the GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst is mentioned. The metadata, keywording or iconographic sources are available via a so-called OAI interface.

By allowing the artworks to be downloaded via the Online Collection, we open up a far-reaching and intensive discussion about 3,000 years of art and cultural history.

Online collection

The digital museum

The museum has taken on the long-term mission of making the knowledge surrounding its collections and art treasures digitally accessible to the public across the globe. The digital museum is to serve as a source of information and thus become a hub for knowledge transfer and a place of global networking.

A selection of our most outstanding pieces is available via MUSEUM DIGITAL.


Ordering photography

Orders can be placed via the bpk photography agency or - in case the requested object is not available at the agency - by email to Katrin Haucke.


The development of the ONLINE COLLECTION is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget approved by the Saxon State Parliament.