Permanent Exhibitions


The museum's permanent exhibition features arts, crafts and design pieces from antiquity to the present day on two floors with over 3,500 square meters of exhibition space. Over millennia humans have felt a need to dress and decorate themselves, to design and shape their homes and surroundings. The GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts aims to reflect on these various forms of expression.

Embark on a tour and discover vessels from Greek and Roman antiquity, Chinese robes and tea bowls from the Qing Dynasty, and modern classics such as utility design from the Bauhaus Art Academy and designer chairs from the Pop era. After its renovation in 2005, the GRASSI gradually opened its permanent exhibition and has divided it into three tours:

From Antiquity to HistorismAsian ArtFrom Art Nouveau to the Present


The app offers various tours through the museum and opens up a unique access to applied art through three millennia. Download our app from the PlayStore or AppStore or borrow the guide free of charge at the ticket desk.

For adults (German, English, easy language, sign language, visually impaired) and children.

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You can download our flyer about the permanent exhibitions here:

Image-Flyer (PDF)