Special Exhibitions

[Translate to English:] Ulla und Martin Kaufmann: Gold-Box, 2015. Foto: Esther Hoyer


Container made of gold

Ulla und Martin Kaufmann

In their jewellery workshop in Hildesheim, the artist couple produce the famous chip-like collars made of gold. In recent years they have also created a series of gilded containers to which this foyer exhibition is dedicated.


Ercole Barovier: PDA, prova artista, 1940. photo: Martin Adam



Colour Light Fire

The exhibition will showcase Italian glass design from Murano. Precious glass in all its facets – fine net patterns, solid vessel objects with polished surfaces.





enamelled seductions

The late 19th century brought a new medium to the public: Colourful enamelled signs. Supplemented by original advertising items we show early messengers of modern marketing strategies.