Art Nouveau and
Art Deco from the

The first violinist of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, Giorgio Silzer (1920-2014), who was an ardent music lover, also collected objects of Art Nouveau and Art Deco with great commitment and enthusiasm. He was especially fascinated by the great range of the different artistic forms of expression of these two eventful epochs. He collected glass, ceramics and metal, furniture and textiles, occasionally also graphics and paintings. His main criterion for the collection was that designs had to have a unique signature that stood out from the mostly anonymous mass-products.

With his refined sense of aesthetics and knack for spotting quality-designs, he accumulated one of the most extensive private collections of its kind, from which almost 3,000 objects have been donated to our museum from 1996 to 2012. A small part is permanently on display in the permanent exhibition.

On the occassion of Giorgio Silzer's 100th birthday, we presented these hidden treasures from his unique collection.