Special Exhibition






Students at the Westsächsischen Hochschule Zwickau, Fakultät Angewandte Kunst Schneeberg, have asked themselves the big questions of Italian design: What is 'italianità', i.e. what is supposedly typical of Italian - just a perpetual place of longing? Are there hallmarks of 'grandezza' (dignified elegance), can 'sprezzatura' (apparent effortlessness) be created using art and is the Memphis style really timeless...?

In this sense, the students try out current adaptations and interpretations of Italian style icons in experimental drafts for fashion, textile art and textile design. The pop-up exhibition is a contribution to the design section of the conference „Interreligiosität: Transformationen des Sakralen in der Kunst und Kultur Italiens (Forum Kunstgeschichte Italiens)“ at the University of Leipzig (March 15-18).