special exhibition


Winged Fever

Art Nouveau at the Grassi

Precious materials, sensual lines and glowing iridescence - the variety of designs of the artists from the Art Nouveau period was virtually limitless. They were not concerned with the overabundance of historicism, but rather a renunciation of its clutter. Something new had to be found! The solution: Around 1900 the artists applied the forms and colors of nature. "Jugendstil" or "Art Nouveau" – this art form spread over all of Europe like a "winged fever". The art works were offered at world and trade exhibitions or in department stores. Many pieces came to the Leipzig museum during that time. But even today, the collection continues to grow through donations. A large number of the approximately 350 objects on display come from the Pese Collection from Nuremberg. Additions come from other donations, whereby the focus is explicitly not on the "old familiar", but on additions of the last thirty years which have rarely or never been presented to the public.