Special exhibition




The Material and Design of Tomorrow

Humankind has always been fascinated by visions and scenarios of the future. Global challenges such as resource scarcity, climate crisis, social and economic injustice, and war play an essential role in future perspectives in contemporary design and innovation.

Designers and artists are increasingly focusing on aspects of possible futures. This plurality reflects the many options, scenarios, and uncertainties that possibly await us in the future. Design has long transcended being a discipline merely concerned with aesthetics and functionality, but is actively taking on the role of shaping a desirable tomorrow.

The exhibition shows local and international positions that operate at the interfaces of biology, design, arts, and industry. The exhibits range from speculative designs and thought-provoking works to research projects and existing products made from organic materials. How do you design with living materials such as fungi, algae, and bacteria? FUTURES gets to the bottom of this and other questions to help us gain a deeper understanding of design and material cycles.