Special event

29. + 30.04.2023

Leipzig Photobook Festival

dienacht e. V.  and the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts invited you to the third LEIPZIG PHOTOBOOK FESTIVAL on 9 and 10 March 2024.

The Leipzig Photobook Festival is an international festival that places and celebrates the potential of the photobook medium in a contemporary context. We want to entertain, inspire and change the way people look at photo books.

More than 20 publishers, art academies, artists and photographers from Germany and all over Europe were presenting their work in the spacious foyers of the Grassimuseum.

The third Leipzig Photobook Festival was dedicated to the theme of "Protest". Exhibitions of historical and contemporary books, a panel discussion and short presentations has been looked at the topic from different perspectives.

There were also be panel discussions, presentations, exhibitions, book presentations, portfolio reviews, speed dating and a get-together.

Further information: https://dienacht.eu/leipzig-photobook-festival


Exhibition: Protest in Photobook. IRAN

Luciano Zuccaccia has been interested in photobooks as a collector and researcher for several years and has built up the specialised collection "Protest in Photobook". He is a curator for publishers and acts as a juror for photobook competitions.

We has exhibited a selection of 25 historical and contemporary photobooks from the "Protest in Photobook" collection, which show protest movements in Iran.

From rare pamphlets and leaflets to propaganda material and artistic and unique photobooks. Luciano Zuccaccia was present and available for questions and discussions.

In co-operation with Luciano Zuccaccia.

Exhibition: Dummy Award

The Dummy Award is the most important international competition for the best unpublished photo book dummy of the year. Since 2010, photographers worldwide have been invited to take part in the competition, and year after year numerous photo books from all over the world have been submitted.

The dummies of the Dummy Award are exhibited at festivals and symposia worldwide, including in Singapore, Hong Kong, Siem Reap/Cambodia, Athens/Greece, Łódź/Poland and New Delhi/India. During the Leipzig Photobook Festival, all 50 dummies were on display, including the 4 winning books. The photo books were open to the public and can be browsed through.

In co-operation with the PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne.

Portfolio Reviews

As part of the Leipzig Photobook Festival, we offered you the opportunity to have your photographic works, series, photo book dummies, etc. reviewed by an international jury of photography and photo book experts, curators, publishers and designers.


Mathieu Asselin (FR), documentary photographer, photography professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent
Christoph Bangert (DE), photojournalist, author, university professor of photography in Hanover
Matej Sitar (SI), photographer and publisher at The Angry Bat
Yana Kruse (DE), curator for photography, editor and curator at dienacht Publishing
Luciano Zuccaccia (IT), curator and initiator of the photo book collection "Protest in Photobook"
Nela Eggenberger (AT), artistic and editorial director of EIKON Fotomagazin.

Guest: Fotobus Society

The Fotobus is a cultural and social programme for all students studying photography, design, film, art or media. The Fotobus - a medium-sized coach with 32 seats - offers excursions and research trips to regional, national and international destinations. Travelling on the Fotobus is free of charge for participating students; all expenses are covered by the Fotobus e.V. support association.

The photo bus was parked in front of the museum and the students presented their work on tables in front of or inside the bus.


Here you will find the complete programme:

Flyer (PDF)