360° Sensory Landscape

The museum dares to experiment at the end of the permanent exhibition. Instead of the classical presentation of objects, there is an interactive room installation. The project invites visitors to move around in a computer-generated space.

While visitors were previously confronted with a wealth of original objects and information in the three exhibition tours, here they can engage in design processes themselves with all their senses. Various scenarios – fed by characteristic design features from Art Nouveau to the present – reflect what they have just experienced in the exhibition. The computer animations react directly to the movements in the room. In the play with forms, colours and structures, the senses are to be directed towards general, recurring questions of design.

The project was developed under the direction of Axel Buether, Professor of Design and Artistic Principles at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, in collaboration with the museum.



The interactive space, which can be experienced visually and acoustically, was completely revised in terms of content and brought up to the state of the art at the end of 2022. Completely new sequences, fed by characteristic design features from Art Nouveau to the present, as well as a new sound were developed.