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[Translate to English:] Sessel, Bamsestol AP 19, Papa Bear, Entwurf: Hans J. Wegner, 1951, AP Stolen, Kopenhagen, Löffler-Collection, Reichenschwand © Löffler-Collection, Reichenschwand




The Secret Art of Upholstery

We are all familiar with upholstered seating. We know their often voluminous shapes and associate a promise of comfort and cosiness with the sense of sinking into soft upholstered cushions.

But all too often, our consideration is reduced to their outward appearance. The view inside is denied, as the inner universe of upholstered chairs is covered by textile, leather, or plastic sheeting. A glance into the interior of upholstered furniture is well worthwhile:

Under the decorative cloak is often hidden a real miracle of technique — the laced spring technique, which was tracked throughout the exhibition.

Upholstered furniture pieces by outstanding designers corresponded with illustrative models, textiles, and pictorial documentation that trace the historical development of upholstery. Visitors were given an exclusive insight into normally hidden upholstery technology and saw works by outstanding masters of the craft. The spectrum ranged from furniture of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, and Art Nouveau periods to 20th-century modernism and contemporary experiments.

curation: Dr. Thomas Schriefers


Sponsored by:

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden/Sächsische Landesstelle für Museumswesen (The measure was co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Sächsische Landtag [Saxon State Parliament].)

Fachgruppe der Restauratoren im Handwerk e.V.


Houlés, Paris

Cammann Gobelin Manufactur, Niederwiesa

DEDAR, Mailand


The exhibition was accompanied by a catalog published by arnoldsche Art Publishers in German / English: 392 pages with 390 picures, Price: 44 €.