NANO Supermarket


products of tomorrow

A new supermarket is opening in your neighbourhood: the NANO supermarket. In this travelling shop, you can experience the impact of nanotechnology on our daily lives. Our shelves are filled with nanoproducts that could be on the market by the next decade. Interactive wall paint, medical chocolate, a wine whose flavour you can adjust at home in the microwave, a self-donning support stocking, paper made from your own skin cells, an invisible safety spray. Our products are innovative, useful and wonderful, but sometimes also strange, unpleasant or even frightening. They provide us with food for thought for scenarios that help us to decide what kind of future we actually want.

From 21 November, the special exhibition FUTURES will also focus on the materials and design of tomorrow.

Next Nature Network

The network has members from 44 countries and consists of makers, thinkers, educators and supporters. With their projects, they want to initiate a debate about our future in which nature and technology merge.



The project takes place as part of the Leipzig Book Fair, whose guest country in 2024 is the Netherlands.

With the kind support of the Embassy of the  Kingdom of the Netherlands.