Special exhibition

23.11.2023 – 01.04.2024

Herlinde Koelbl



Herlinde Koelbl, known for many projects including her documentaries about politicians, presents here for the first time a project that is not about people. It is true that she continues to explore the theme of change and transience evidenced in her other work, but now her focus is on nature. In it, nothing remains constant. Birth, growth and decay follow one another in a cycle. In the process of decay, nature gives rise to a new beauty and a changed perception. It creates unbelievable forms, colors and structures. Everything changes, becomes brittle, slackens or solidifies and changes its aggregate state. By emphasizing details, Herlinde Koelbl creates scenic pictorial compositions. The images become abstract, a state of suspension is achieved. Present and past flow into each other and the future lies in the reappearance.

The exhibition presents 85 prints, two video projections and a sound installation.


128 pages, 116 images for € 45.00 incl. VAT at Steidl Verlag (hardback / Clothbound, 21 x 28.5 cm, German / English)
ISBN 978-3-96999-121-3