Hubert Kittel: Flaschenobjekt (hohe Flasche) aus der experimentellen Studie "Fallende Flaschen“/ „Drunken Bottles“ (Werkgruppe 15). Foto: Esther Hoyer

Guided Tours & Workshops

The museum sees itself as a meeting place for people of all generations and cultures. The museum’s permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions are open to visitors of all ages.
The guided tours usually deal with a special theme and enable the participants to gain new perspectives on the collection. During the workshops, the participants often take inspiration from the exhibition during a short guided tour and then creatively translate what they have seen into their own works.

All guided tours are free, the price is included in the admission ticket.

Guided Tours

We offer guided tours every Sunday at 3 pm through one of the permanent or special exhibitions of the museum. In addition, there are theme-specific guided tours as well as tours of our special exhibitions.


Evening Workshop

We have a special workshop offer for adults: Twice a month on Friday evenings we offer a short guided tour through the current special exhibition. Afterward, you can use the impressions and inspiration gained in the tour and transform it into your own work of art using various techniques (photography, screen printing, glass design).



We would be happy to help you plan your visit to our exhibitions. Guided tours can also be arranged in English, French, Russian and outside of our opening hours.

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