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For children only!

With a shift in the role that children play in society, the appearance of seating furniture for young ones has also changed. The majority of children's chairs have been designed as smaller versions of adult models. During the 19th century, however, in the course of industrialisation and with the increase of the importance of pedagogy, the children's chair established itself as an independent genre of design. Designers have increasingly been striving to design chairs that are ideally suited for children, and the number of models on the market has been growing steadily ever since. 

Ideally, good design and a certain fun factor go hand in hand. We present some of the first high chair models by the internationally renowned Thonet company, which was a pioneer in the field of children’s furniture.

In addition, we showcase iconic designs from the Bauhaus era – colourful children's chairs and innovative plastic seating objects from the 1960s and 1970s. Today, more than ever, there is a plentitude of furniture pieces that make "sitting still" easy for children.

All pieces exhibited have been selected from the Gisela Neuwald Collection.

curation: Sabine Epple

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Armlehnstuhl China, um 1840. Foto: Esther Hoyer
Sitzobjekt „Zocker“, Entwurf: Luigi Colani, Gütersloh, 1972. Ausführung: Top System Burkard Lübke
Der Bambistuhl von Takeshi Sawada und der Elefanten-Stuhl von Charles & Ray Eames sind bei den Kleineren sehr beliebt, Foto: Esther Hoyer
vlnr: Lehnstuhl „Spotty", Peter Murdoch, 1963; Hocker/Rolle Entwurf: Renate Müller, 1968; Lehnstuhl, Entwurf: nach Keith Haring, nach 2020. Foto: Esther Hoyer
Schaukelwagen, Entwurf: Hans Brockhage und Erwin Andrä, 1950. Foto: Esther Hoyer
Lehnstuhl „Julian", Entwurf: Javier Mariscal, 2005, Foto: Esther Hoyer
Auf dem Acapulco-Stuhl kann man prima rumlümmeln, Foto: Esther Hoyer
Sessel, Entwurf: Kristian Vedel, 1956/57. Foto: Esther Hoyer
Lehnstuhl „Funny", Italien, 1970er Jahre. Foto: Esther Hoyer
Kinderspeise-Sessel Nr. 5, Entwurf und Ausführung: Gebrüder Thonet, um 1880. Foto: Esther Hoyer
Elefant, Entwurf: Charles und Ray Eames, um 1946 und Gartenstuhl „Trotter" aus der „Me too" Collection Entwurf: Rogier Martens, 2014/15. Foto: Esther Hoyer