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Kai Schiemenz

Transparent and yet opaque, glass and somehow still stone — the glass sculptures of Kai Schiemenz imitate the material of stone, yet at the same time appear fragile and delicate.

The artist is inspired in his form-finding by fragments of stone that he discovers in quarries. Back in the studio, he makes impressions of their surfaces, which in turn are transferred to glass in factories in Bohemia. This Bohemian, centuries-old and elaborate technique of casting in glass lends the sculptures of Kai Schiemenz a particular and unique materiality. The traces of this process are visible on the glass surface of his objects, and they tell a story about the creation of these objects.

At the same time, the artworks are characterised by an intense colourfulness that captivates the viewer. In the possibility of approaching the sculptures from all sides, as well as their relation to the changing light of day, not only are the artworks themselves subject to constant flux, but also the viewer’s perception. The glass sculptures allow us to look inside them, but they can never be seen through completely. The presentation in the light-flooded orangery of the museum fields this game of perception.

Works by Kai Schiemenz can also be seen in the exhibition 'Kolk' at the Leipzig gallery EIGEN + ART until 29.01.2022.


Curation: Sandra Braune and Kai Schiemenz

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