Special exhibition

27.04. – 01.10.2023



150 years of modern book art

The list of modern artists who illustrated books is full of celebrities, ranging from Manet, Picasso and Matisse, to Slevogt, Kirchner and Barlach, to Grieshaber, Heisig and Baselitz. These artists are all part of a donation of over 400 illustrated books made to the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts that forms the heart of this exhibition.

In the 19th century, new printing techniques lead to a revival of book art. Artists and printers cooperated to bring the art of illustration to new life, elevating it from its subordinate role as decorative element to full-page image. The artistic illustration methods are manifold: contrasting colours juxtaposed with subtle shades of grey; fine flowing lines with strong, angular surfaces; narrative scenes with abstract
atmospheric pictures.

curation: Karoline Schliemann


The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue.