SABINE GROSCHUP: 3 blood drops three

tears dedications love crisis

The exhibition shows a representative selection of works from Groschup's four handkerchief cycles, each with his own hand-embroidered lyrics on handkerchiefs of different provenance.



29. + 30.04.2023

Photobook Festival

The Leipzig Photobook Festival is an international festival that presents and celebrates the potential of the photo book medium in a contemporary context. In 2023, the focus will be on photo books from African countries, as African photo books are still little known in the photo book landscape in Europe and are only sporadically available on the European market. There will also be panel discussions, presentations and two exhibitions – a photo book and a photography exhibition.





The Secret Art of Upholstery

The exhibition united more than 100 upholstered furniture of the past 400 years, from Renaissance chair over council chair of the early 17th century, from the first fitness device Chamber Horse of the late 18th century up to the admired design object and the experiments of the last centuries.