Photography Today

The fascination for analog photography is experiencing a new revival. While digital photography dominates the field of documentary and everyday photography, analog photography is increasingly asserting itself as an artistic medium and regaining significance in society. The special exhibition shows the range of contemporary developments in analog photography through unique works, series and photographic installations. With a total of 24 artists from the German-speaking countries, different nuances of this medium are illuminated in four thematic groups. The exhibition shows a clear focus on materiality and experimentats in dealing with light, chemistry, and technology.

In the chapter "Camera-less Photography" we show contemporary interpretations of photograms, chemigrams or lumen prints. By using these techniques, the artists quote and reinterpret the beginnings of photography. In "Photographic Time Travel" it becomes clear that the photographic medium offers the possibility to travel through time: Images from today's world as silver daguerreotypes or ambrotypes trigger a sense of anachronism. In this room artists and photographers approach, appropriate or analyze old photographic techniques from the 19th and 20th centuries through their own photographic work. In the chapter "Light and Process" we find different forms of photography taken with or without cameras. Examples are photographic paper converted as a pinhole camera and exposed directly, experimental and playful cameras as well as other forms of exposure. The focus is on the performative, the interaction between man and camera or between man and photography. In the last part of the exhibition "Analog meets Digital" the main theme is the encounter between analog and digital photography. The encounter can take many forms: an interaction with an AI (artificial intelligence), the collaboration with a digital machine, or even the translation of digital images into analog.

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Curator: Silvia Gaetti

Sylvia Ballhause, Eun Sun Cho, Günter Derleth, Jana Dillo, Tine Edel, Alexander Gehring, Spiros Hadjidjanos, Alexander Kadow, Georgia Krawiec, Martin Kreitl, Antje Kröger, Ute Lindner, Lilly Lulay, Harald Mairböck, Florian Merkel, Falk Messerschmidt, Elisabeth Moritz, Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs, Helena Petersen, René Schäffer, Karoline Schneider, Regina Stiegeler, Claus Stolz, Ria Wank

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The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog published by Kettler Verlag. 176 pages, 165 x 240 mm, German / English, Price: 32 €

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Alexander Gehring, Hand, 2018
Regina Stiegeler, Spiration, 2019
Alexander Kadow, Silver Gelatine, 2020-2021
Antje Kröger, Polaroid body with knitted arms, 2017
Tine Edel, Open door, 2020
Günter Derleth, Christmasballchocolatespackagecoffeecanscameraobscura, 2018
Falk Messerschmidt, Blinded Only by the Earth's Proximity, 2019
Eun Sun Cho, Shikimate Pathway Part Two (Engineered Pathway) 10, 2020
Georgia Krawiec, radiKAHLschlag, 2020
Harald Mairböck, Cube from the series “a picture is a camera is a picture”, 2016
Helena Petersen, Pyrographie ColourLXXV-2, 2015
Jana Dillo, Polagram 048, 2020
Karoline Schneider, Untitled, 2013
Lilly Lulay, Transport exhibition 28.05.1976, 2021
MartinKreitl, RestInChange 5, 2017
Ria Wank, Wind I, Wolfgang Ganter, 2021
René Schäffter, "Sauce 1" from the series Aspergillus Root, 2007
Spiros Hadjidjanos, Left: Scabiosa Columbaria, Right: Acanthus Mollis, 2014 Photo: Matthias Kolb
Florian Merkel, from the series "Think Tank", 2020
Claus Stolz, Sun_250B, 2017
Sylvia Ballhause, Self-Developing Image, 2012
Ute Lindner, Pentimenti, 2019
Elisabeth Moritz, Rügen 1940: Rügen 1940: Grandma, my mother's brother, 2018-2020, 2019
Taiyo Onorato und Nico Krebs, untitled, 2021