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The definition of the photobook is as broad as that of photography, and ranges from handmade unique objects to smaller and larger print runs, from self-publishing and zines to rare, elaborately designed and bound editions. The exhibition showed a selection of German and international photobooks from the last decades, with a focus on exceptional design and concept.

The interaction between photography, material, binding, form, and format offers many possibilities for experimentation and demonstrates the potential of the photobook as an artistic medium unto itself.

The exhibition ANALOG TOTAL. Photography today took place at the same time.

curation: Silvia Gaetti and Calin Kruse

The following positions were shown:

Abel, Milou - Ik Ben Jou
Am Projects - Nocturnes
Arcara, Arianna/ Santese, Luca - Found Fotos in Detroit
Ariño, Israel - La gravetat del Iloc
Asselin, Mathieu - Monsanto: A Photografic Investigation
Bernal, Eden - Exiles
Bertok, Goran - Requiem
Borissova, Julia - Let me fall again
Brugner, Simon - The Arsenic Eaters
Catiere, Alexandra- Behind the Glass
Chanel, Alexine - In other People's Bathroom
Cupido, Paul - Mukayu
de Middel, Christina - The Afronauts
Dekens, Peter - Touch
El Nemr, Rana - Eenbes Tells
Eschborn, Claudia - 1520/21
Frei, Andreas - Hab Acht
Glaubitz, Florian - CHOR
Gravlejs, Ivars - Useful Advice for Photographers
Helton, Lucy - Transmission
Hesper, Carina - Like a pearl in my Hand
Hoogland Ivanow, Martina - Speedway
Hui Hsien, Ng - The Weight of Air
Jung Min Cho, Oreo - The Dot
Kimura, Hajime - Snowflakes Dog Man
Koenning, Katrin/ Protick, Sarker - Astres Noirs
Krause, Birgit - Planetes
Kruithof, Anouk - Universal Tongue
Lazuka, Melissa - Fly Away
Lopez, Anais - The Migrant
Marzocchi, Marco - Oyster
Mészáros, Palíndromo - The Line
Milach, Rafal - The First March of Gentlemen
Mouraz, Tito - Open Space Office
Ohashi, Jin - Surrendered Myself to the Chair of Life
Okahara, Kosuke - Vanishing Existence
Prammer, Agnes - Totes Gebirge
Pufleb, Robert & Schlieper, Nadine - Alternative Moons
Singh, Dayanita - Museum Bhavan
Sauvin, Thomas - Until Death Do US Part
Unofficial Pictures - Gefährlicher Gegenstand: Eisenbahnstraße
Unverzart, Olaf - Leichtes Gepäck
Van den Elshout, Bruno - New Horizon
Vutuc, Sergej - No Skateboarding permitted
Xu, Xiaoxiao - Aeronautics in the Backyard

Leipzig Photobook Festival

As part of the special exhibition PHOTOBOOKS. Art Page by Page the Leipzig Photobook Festival took place from 18 to 20 March 2022 at the museum. In the lower and upper foyers, national and international exhibitors presented current publications and projects. From individual artists and photographers to small and medium-sized independent publishers: The fair enabled a direct encounter with the makers.

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The exhibition was accompanied by a catalog published by dienacht Publishing. 148 pages, 100 x 240 mm, German/English, price: 28€