Special exhibitions and events

The permanent exhibitions are accompanied by a versatile programme of special exhibitions. It is dedicated to all areas of design and ranges from historical topics to current design to photography and architecture.

The GRASSIMESSE, our trade fair for art and design, represents an annual recurrent highlight. Established in the early 1920s, it entered the history of design as one of the first performance shows of its kind and as a "meeting point for modern art".

Special exhibitions 2023/24 (PDF)



04.11. – 06.10.2024

Tidal wave

Art Nouveau at the Grassi

Precious materials, sensual lines and glowing iridescence - the variety of designs of the artists from the Art Nouveau period was virtually limitless. They were not concerned with the overabundance of historicism, but rather a renunciation of its clutter. Something new had to be found! The solution: Around 1900 the artists applied the forms and colors of nature.


Aus der Serie „Metamorphosen“ von Herlindl Koelbl

23.11.2023 – 01.04.2024

Herlinde Koelbl


Herlinde Koelbl, known for many projects including her documentaries about politicians, presents here for the first time a project that is not about people. It is true that she continues to explore the theme of change and transience evidenced in her other work, but now her focus is on nature.




The museum presents an extraordinary collection of chairs by Thierry Barbier-Mueller. In director Robert Wilson's production, visitors are immersed in immersive worlds in which the chairs become the protagonists of a theatre performance.